The rivers of the Pacific Northwest have shaped both the land and the lives of Northwesterners for thousands of years. Today, that also means commerce and irrigation. It means generating zero-carbon-footprint energy for 60% of all the electricity needs in the Northwest. It means that the farmer, the engineer, the biologist and the barge captain all have jobs. And it means that other clean energy sources like wind and solar can have their occasional windless day, or take the night off. The river is still flowing. And a lot more than water flows from it.

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Clean Hydro Fast Facts


About Northwest RiverPartners

img_river_partners Northwest RiverPartners' member organizations include more than 40,000 farmers, 4 million electric utility customers, thousands of port jobs, 7,000 small businesses, and hundreds of large businesses that rely on the economic and environmental benefits of the Columbia and Snake rivers. RiverPartners promotes all the benefits of the rivers - fish and wildlife, renewable hydropower, agriculture, flood control, commerce and recreation. We believe that salmon protection and recovery efforts need to be based in the best science, and that responsible policies will lead to increased salmon runs and increased economic opportunity for the entire Northwest. To learn more, visit the Northwest RiverPartners website.